Joy Thru Movement
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Optimize Health 
through Movement

Sokie Lee

Breathe, Move, Live!

• Improve  balance

• Move with ease and be pain free

• Increase energy level and stamina

• Reduce stress

• Concentrate Better

Qigong for health!

Qi is the intrinsic energy that moves within us and all living beings. 

When Qi flows freely, the body is able to release pain and blockages, thus improving overall health.

Qigong exercises are movements designed to circulate and balance Qi in body and mind.

Sokie is here to help!

Sokie Lee is committed to helping people improve their health through the joy of movement. Sokie's Qigong exercises are gentle, and easy-to-learn. Through alignment, and mindful movements we can strengthen the body's inner core. 

One-on-one or in a group, at your home or the workplace, Sokie will partner with you to optimize your health. Sokie will create aprogram that is suitable for all ages and physical abilities. 

Additionally, Sokie provides excellent therapeutic massage therapy for complete wellness. Enjoy a healthier and more productive life…for yourself, your family, your work.

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